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October 2013

July 2013

Handout of resources available for review of the Chatham Park Master Plan:

Chatham Park Promotional Video:

Conservation Plan Overview:

TLC's Southwest Shore Assessment:

Natural Resources Protections in Pittsboro:

See the Town of Pittsboro's Planning Department website with relevant Chatham Park documents: Pittsboro Planning Department
Chatham Park Development Proposed Master Plan: CP PDD MP
TLC's Southwest Shore Conservation Assessment:

April 2013


January 2013

October 2012

July 2012

April 2012

January 2012

October 2011
Summary of Biodiversity and Wildlife Habitat Meeting:

July 2011
Summary- Agricultural Resources:

April 2011

Summary- Forest Resources:
Forestry Presentations:

January 2011

July 2010

April 2010
Rocky River Conservation Assessment
Assessment Appendix 1: Conservation Planning Tool data layers and information


January 2010


October 2009
Summary of October 2009 Meeting:

July 2009

Summary of July 2009 Meeting
Summary of plan discussion and brainstorm:
Presentation on the Greater Uwharrie Partnership

April 2009

Presentation from Ben Howell of Chatham County on the ABC's of DOT

January 2009

October 2008

Southwest Shore Conservation Assessment, Draft assessment for review

Please contact Leigh Ann Cienek, with comments or questions

The June 2008 meeting consisted of several presentations, copies of those presentations follow:

Previous meetings: