What is the Plan?

The Comprehensive Conservation Plan for Chatham County (the Plan) identifies and describes the county's important natural resources, and recommends strategies to guide the protection of a sustaining network of natural areas, surface waters, working lands, and wildlife corridors.

Who Prepared the Plan?

The partnership worked with two local consulting firms to prepare the Plan: Robert J. Goldstein and Associates, Inc. and Biocenosis, Inc. Triangle Land Conservancy also provided project management and support.

How was the Plan funded?

Funding was secured through the Triangle Land Conservancy and the Piedmont Conservation Council from the Z Smith Reynolds Foundation, the Wildlife Conservation Society, and the NC Urban and Community Forest Grant Program of the NC Division of Forest Resources.

Why do we need the Plan?

The dramatic increase in population due to residential growth, the expansion of major transportation corridors and other infrastructure, and the conversion of land from forests and farms to commercial and residential developments, have significantly increased threats to natural resources in Chatham County.

The Plan serves as an educational tool and guide for development review and future land use decisions in the county. It can also support funding for further conservation planning and conservation projects.

What are the overall goals of the Plan?

· Community vision for natural resources
· Greater understanding and awareness of the importance and location of natural resources
· Understanding of the economic importance of forest resources, recreation and water quality
· Increased knowledge of the impacts and threats to important natural resources
· Preferred strategies to manage and protect important natural resources