This page contains developing data layers for the Comprehensive Conservation Plan.

WETLANDS and STREAMS data are available for download and viewing in Google Earth ( If you do not have Google earth you will need to download it from the above link.

To preview the WETLANDS layer, click below and open in Google Earth.

The wetlands file contains two layers:

1) High Confidence Wetlands (shown in red)
is a layer illustrating where there is high likelihood for wetland habitat. These areas were identified by the Plan advisory group and interviews with Soil Survey personnel. The layer was created by unioning the following data: (1) National Wetlands Inventory (NWI), (2) Special Flood Hazard Areas (SFHAs), (3) hydric soils (Chewacla and Merry Oaks, and 4) the intersection of Wet Spots (from digital soil survey data) and specific soil map units (CaB, CbC, CcB, CcC, CcD, CkC, CmB, CrB, CrC, CrD, HeB, HeC, IrB, PeA, PeB, PsB, WhB, WhC, WhD, WtB, WtC, WyB2, WyC2).
2) Medium Confidence Wetlands (shown in yellow)
is a layer illustrating where there is medium likelihood for wetland habitat. This layer contains all Riverview soils located outside of High Confidence Wetlands (above), based on interviews with Soil Survey personnel.

You can also add the STREAMS layer by clicking the link below. This layer contains both USGS streams and streams derived from the Chatham County Soil Survey.