The Comprehensive Conservation Plan

The Chatham Conservation Partnership (CCP) has created an innovative new tool, the Comprehensive Conservation Plan, to help with natural resource protection, planning, management, and development decisions in Chatham County.

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The Plan is complete! Access the Plan by clicking the link below:

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What is the Plan?

The Comprehensive Conservation Plan assesses the state of natural resources in the county. It also prioritizes important natural resources based on their conservation value. The primary resources considered in the Plan include biodiversity/wildlife habitat, water resources, recreation, and working lands (farmland and forestry). Final products include a printed document, GIS data, and other information posted here and on the County's website. The County's website also includes a clickable map of the county which any computer-user can use to find relevant environmental data about any site in the county.

"Ideally the plan will be used by developers, County staff, and decision-makers to make informed decisions about how to develop property to safeguard natural resources," said Allison Weakley.

"Landowners will be able to use the Plan to understand the significance of the natural resources on their land, and to gain a perspective of the significance of their property relative to the whole county," she continued. "And conservation groups like Triangle Land Conservancy will be able to identify the most important sites in the county and target their efforts in those directions."

"The data and information in the plan can also be used to support funding and other opportunities for the conservation of important resources in the county," said Weakley.

Though development of the Plan was not funded by Chatham County, the county commissioners have expressed interested in seeing the finished product and have included their support of this project in their 2009-2010 goals. This Plan is the first countywide conservation plan completed in North Carolina, and serves as a model for other counties.

Visit the Conservation Plan Committee page for more information on the planning process.